Musing on Amusement Park Employee Scheduling

Posted by Bob Cote

Jan 31, 2012 3:06:00 PM

amusementBehind the swoosh of every high-speed roller coaster and tuft of cotton candy, there’s a grittier, more mundane reality: staffing. Amusement parks require more than popcorn to keeping the lines moving and the food booths slinging fries. Oftentimes, a park is a combination of many different “departments” working as a cohesive unit: concessions, maintenance, security, ride operations, and ticket sales. That makes full coverage a heroic effort—and if somebody needs time off, it just makes solving the scheduling puzzle even more challenging.

An online scheduling system works wonders for amusement parks. Rather than papers tacked to corkboards in various break rooms across the park, employees can view their schedule online from their home or on their smartphone. Changes can be to-the-minute, and workers don’t have to track down their colleagues to swap shifts—oftentimes a necessity among a younger workforce.

Online scheduling systems offer a lot of benefits, but for amusement parks, here are the big three:

 - Intra-department shift trades

- Remote access to employees and schedulers alike

- Computer-based scheduling to solve coverage gaps

- Enhanced overall shift organization

Logistics spell success in the amusement park industry. Think about upgrading your tech and reaping the benefits.

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