Does Mobile Staff Scheduling Lead to Happier Employees?

Posted by Bob Cote

Apr 18, 2012 9:29:00 AM

mobile scheduling resized 600Today, we ask the following question: are employees happier when working at an organization that offers mobile access to online scheduling? The short answer: yes, they are. How much happier? Try 500 percent. According to the National Restaurant Association, by enabling employees to check their schedules online, request vacation time wirelessly, and swap schedules seamlessly, managers pave the way to a much more contented workforce.

It may seem like just another aspect of employment, but the truth is this: scheduling is a sticking point for many employees across the nation. Mobile scheduling makes life easier. Employees end up more engaged with their organization—swapping schedules as they need to, wirelessly, resulting in improved work-life balance. Managers can also rapidly optimize schedules, complete tasks, and communicate with employees whether they’re at home, out shopping, or at work itself.

But “happiness” is a measure of more complex factors as well. For employees, the draw of mobile scheduling is putting them in control of their schedules, in a more direct way. The result is a feeling of satisfaction and respect—which, in turn, translates into customers that are better served, and in time, tangible benefits in terms of increased profitability. When it comes time to consider online scheduling, look to mobile solutions for even greater benefits.

Would you use a scheduling app on your phone, or do you prefer a more traditional website portal? Let us know below!

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