Attract More Talent. Publicize Online Scheduling

Posted by Bob Cote

May 21, 2012 9:14:00 AM

attracting talent 1Your workforce today looks something like this: 76 million Baby Boomers, 79 million Millennials. As the younger population graduates into today’s work force, along with them come a new set of expectations—and a way for employers like you to ensure talent retention and an overall greater scope of employee satisfaction.

Today, we ask the following question: are employees happier when working at an organization that offers more flexibility? In a word, yes. One important method to attract top talent in your field: online scheduling. Here are three great reasons that online scheduling solutions would work for your business.

1. Employees desire control. Flexibility is today’s 401k. Employees want a greater grasp on work-life balance, and employee scheduling allows your working base to change vacations, swap shifts, review time off, and schedule personal days—digitally—without asking permission or translating a personal issue into a formal, in-person requests. Worker control means longer terms of service.

2. Collaboration takes the form of many initiatives within an organization. From team-building to project management, the reality is that when groups of your employees work together, the result is enhanced efficiency and a more satisfied workforce. Online scheduling solutions like allow workers to post messages and switch shifts on the fly—leading to greater use of resources and a community mentality that translates into other areas of work as well.

3. Smarter Managers. Your organization isn’t composed entirely of direct reports—it includes the mangers, too. By allowing managers an organizational solution that let them view at-a-glance scheduling for their entire department, the ability to assign and remove shifts, and a host of other functionalities that simplifies the way they work, you’ve providing a valuable benefit that other organizations can’t match. That translates into happier employees. Nice.

How would online scheduling work in your particular industry? Let us know in the comments!

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